Diversity in working west co-working spaces.

Working west is a support space creator where people come together to make a community that is working together to make life’s better.

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great ambition!

Working West was born as a very ambitious project. We still remember our first meeting with Diane (Founder and CEO) when he told us about becoming bigger than some of the biggest companies out there. We love ambitious people!


Some colours to diversify things a little bit! We got blacks, we got whites, we got yellows, we got reds. We got one for everybody's tastes. And it works great on all backgrounds too.

Building coehesive


Once the structure is set in stone, we begin by trying out a few patterns that can really help set the tone for the entire brand. We opted for a solid brand that is strong in personality, but delicate enough to give Working West a modern, yet professional look.

“It was a great addition to our brand. We felt it within minutes. After revamp our brand felt mentally wide awake and ultra-enthusiastic about our brand and love how our design engages with our young audiences.”

Diane Lansdowne
Co-Founder, Working West

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