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Why Websonic hired us

Netmeds did not have an in-house design expertise. They needed design experts who could work with their product team, including developers, project management, and a copywriter, who could understand the needs of their unique audience — patients and medicine buyers, and who could help develop a high-class user experience across all devices and use cases.

+   UI/UX
+   Frontend
+   Illustration
+   Website
+   Responsive
+   Website
WebSonic project


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The product’s initials that are written into the star constitute the project’s trademark. The logo is perfectly suited to communicate the project’s attributes to the core audience, conveying the emotions of play, dynamism and simplicity.

“There’s a big chunk of that web design process that I can skip now, and sort of merge the prototyping and development phase, which has helped me build client sites a lot faster.”

Rahul Nanwani
Co-Founder, Websonic

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