The easiest way to collect cash payments.

Why BhimCash hired us

They wanted a design team who had experience working on mobile apps and services, with a focus on end users. They also needed someone who could work to tight timescales, flexible requirements, and who could closely collaborate with their in-house developers. The main rationale was to make the app simpler and more user-friendly, and creating useful features that would enhance app engagement.

+   UI/UX
+   Branding
+   Illustration
+   Android App
+   Website
+   Brand Guidelines
+   Website
BhimCash project


The New Standard for Offline Payments. The easiest way to collect cash payments for small to large merchants in India. Use ONE QR that works across 100+ UPI apps.

Defining, and planning


Onboarding screen
Add Bank Details
Business Details
Home screen
My Profile
Pay with QR code
Simplifying the users


Clear objective and features

Our objective was to represent the future way of making payments, portray the product story and show its features clearly and effectively

Catchy Onboarding flow

For usability sake we needed to guarantee that ALL users knew the features and benefits of the app. To achieve this we created an onboarding illustrations that allows users to get a sense of the entire platform.

Simplifying the user onboarding
Reducing complexity within the app

In order to reduce complexity it was important to define priorities and understand which actions and elements had greater importance and relevance and which were the user's functional and behavioural expectations.

All we care about is the


Enhancing the user flow in the app

We not only reduced steps in the app’s core feature but we also made it more simplified, and accessible for the user to buy medicines

  • Visible search bar in the top nav bar
  • Easy access to all the main features of Netmeds like consultation, diagnostics, upload prescription and order medicine features in the home screen
  • Designing catchy icons for each feature so that user can navigate the app from one screen
Making the Consultation friendly

It was important to keep the online doctor consultation for the patients simple and friendly, as it's a place where the user will be sharing his health concerns with the doctor so he/she should feel secured and confident while using the chat feature. Problems to be solved

  • easy to start a new consultation from the start
  • should be simple and build trust of the user
  • easy to choose from multiple consultation packages
  • doctor's profile to build trust and show who they are talking with

Netmeds App allows you to access India’s Best Doctors on Video/Phone call just like an in-person visit. This service makes access to high quality medical care easy and convenient from the comfort of your home.

Simplifying the Checkout process

Here it's all about reviewing the order and effortlessly checkout with the preferred payment method. We planned for all sorts of payment modes to give the users a wide pool to choose from.

The complicated feature- Diagnostics

Diagnostics where a user can book lab tests and health packages from well-reputed, certified diagnostic labs across the country. The challenge was to show the different lab tests in an effective way to the user, keeping the number of clicks less.

In the pathology field, not every lab test is alike and there are hundreds of different possible tests to choose from. This complexity meant there needed to be a simple way to select the test prescribed by the doctor.

BhimCash had some clear

design goals

Focus on a more complete, inclusive, and accessible user experience.
Identify and resolve issues and gaps in app functionality and usability.
Efficient design choices including font size, legibility, and colour contrast.
Responsively designed and accessible


From small to big screen, the BhimCash site is designed to look great everywhere.

“Bruvvv makes it really easy to gather all the loose ends early on in the process. They have been transformational to how our app works and loved by our users”

Shailendra Singh
Founder, BhimCash App

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